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Glow Woofer Horn

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Glow in the dark Woofer Horns are just the thing for cheering on your team or just making some noise! Each glowing wooferhorn glows brightly after a brief charge in the light or under UV light or blacklight

Each glow Woofer Horn is a large 36cm long and features a loud reed trumpet 'hooter' to blow through. Want to get your point accross? Punctuate it with a blast on your wooferhorn!

Very similar to the 'Vuvuzelas' that became popular during the 2010 World Cup you can make quite a racket but these glow in the dark Wooferhorns are not overly or dangerously loud.

They are UV reactive and so glow well under UV or blacklight

Please note that this isn't a glowstick product but a glow in the dark plastic product

  • 36cm long wooferhorn
  • 6cm diameter horn
  • Glow Wooferhorns Glow brightly in the dark
  • Glow Woofer horn also Glows under UV or blacklight
  • Each Woofer Horn includes a fitted shoulder cord

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