Top Quality - 100% Guarantee

100% Guaranteed

Yes that's right, all of our products are 100% Guaranteed! endeavours to supply the best quality glow sticks and light up novelties, but if you experience any faults or failure - don't worry!

Although we do supply 'novelty items' that can occasionally fail, we continually review and improve all of the products that we offer. If we find a product that isn't up to our quality standards our clever technical chaps strip the product down, test the components and build quality and draw up production improvements. When the product next goes into production these improvements are included and ensures that overall quality is always improving rather than declining. We do this on every product, on every manufacturing run.

If you experience any faults or failures with any of our products, we will refund or replace them -

Important: Please retain any faulty products in order to claim replacements or refunds as we may need you to return these items.

In the event of any problems, please contact us and quote your order number

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