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Our Customer Comments...

Very good thanks
William 17th of April 2018
Good service.
Risba N 12th of April 2018
Good site found what "I was looking for, was very quick & easy
Jasmine B 12th of April 2018
Fairly intuitive and easy to use. Payment pages etc were simple and not too time consuming!
Jane L 11th of April 2018
Risba N 8th of April 2018
Found registering and ordering very easy. Good prices too.
Caroline T 7th of April 2018
Love your site! ;)
Robert I 6th of April 2018
easy to use.
John P 5th of April 2018
It was great. I liked the info and link on what size of motor i would need for my glitterball. And having options for mains or battery powered xlearly given. Good price too.
Jessie F 3rd of April 2018
Easy to use
Lynne S 2nd of April 2018
Good thanks!
Peter C 29th of March 2018
Great website, so glad of the wholesale options
Claire P 25th of March 2018
Website very easy to use (and colourful), good section on address inputing, so many sites do not give enough space to add all address lines.
Sana S 20th of March 2018
Always such an easy, straightforward site, prices and quantities really good and make it easy to get what we need for our school disco. Thank you!
Melanie W 18th of March 2018
Really easy to use!
Philippa H 14th of March 2018
very easy to use and nice and colourfull
Trisha F 14th of March 2018
Site is very easy to use. Glad you put a sticker on the product so I could buy a replacement space sword!
Sarah G 12th of March 2018
All good.
Rachel J 12th of March 2018
It is good
John W 12th of March 2018
Regular customer. Prompt service and delivery. Good quality items.
Peter H 11th of March 2018
Very easy to navigate.
Kathleen G 11th of March 2018
Fantastic service and so very helpful. All products I've purchased now and in the past have been good quality.
Roxana 10th of March 2018
Brilliant website easy to use
Angelika S 8th of March 2018
Very good and reasonable prices
Steve 6th of March 2018
Well presented and easy to use!
Amy K 6th of March 2018
Thank you. Third order now and I am very satisfied both with the service and the quality of the products.
Tor N 5th of March 2018
Easy to navigate even on a phone.
P-j D 4th of March 2018
nice site, very easy to navigate
David R 4th of March 2018
Really easy to use. Great quality product. Company I have been using for past 5 years plus ! Will be ordering again in a cupla months see you then !
Sarah S 3rd of March 2018
Great website layout, easy to navigate. Also easy to enter details for delivery etc. Thanks very much!
Karen E 2nd of March 2018

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