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Everything You Need to Know About Flashing Novelties

Everything You Need to Know About Flashing Novelties If you’ve ever attended a large event or concert, then you’re very likely to have come across flashing novelties.

Bright and colourful flashing toys such as laser swords, head boppers, wands and flashing windmills promote an exciting atmosphere with colourful flashing lights that really appeal to audiences of all ages.

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Everything there is to know about Glow Sticks

Everything there is to know about Glow Sticks Wondering about glowsticks? Here's pretty much everything you could want to know about Glow Sticks.

Glowsticks are essentially plastic tubes that hold two liquids, one in the plastic casing and one inside a glass vial that floats in the first liquid. When you bend a glowstick, you break the glass vial which allows the two liquids to mix. This causes a chemical reaction that’s bi-product is light without heat. The term for the reaction is chemiluminescence...

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So What Can You Use Glowsticks For?

Safety Glowsticks are just one use for chemical light sources Ever wondered what everybody was using all these glow sticks for? Here's in interesting guide to the many, many uses of glow sticks.

Glowsticks are pretty famous for their use in the party scene but this versatile little product’s uses are endless. Originally developed by the military in the 60’s a patent was issued in January 1976 for a Chemical Luminescent Signal Device and credited to inventors Vincent J Esposito, Steven M Little and John H Lyons; this bears the closest resemblance to today’s design...

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