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Small Glow Sticks 1.5" Inch

Small Glow Sticks 1.5" Inch
Small Glow Sticks 1.5" Inch 1 Small Glow Sticks 1.5" Inch 2 Small Glow Sticks 1.5" Inch 3

These small glow sticks are just that – pretty small! The are used mainly for fishing but can also be used in decoration and displays… Read more...

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At only 1.5” inch or approx 4 cm these small glowsticks are NOT suitable for children. Available in green or yellow, 1.5" glowsticks are however perfect for fishing as they are small & light and come with a small rubber sleeve so you can attach the lightstick to a fishing line or float.

These mini glow sticks can also be used as decoration or as part of a display.

  • Not suitable for children
  • Small 1.5" inch Glow sticks available in green or yellow
  • Good quality
  • Supplied wrapped in pairs, each pair includes optional attachment (suitable for fishing)
  • Glow time: Light sticks will glow for 6+ hours
  • 2 year shelf life guaranteed