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Glow Shot Glasses

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The glow shot glasses are a great glow party cup & are of very good quality. The whole cup glows and when you drink from the shot cup it appears that you are drinking the glow!

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If you are using shot glasses you should try Glow Shot Glasses. An ideal party cup, the whole glass glows and as you drink it appears you are drinking in the glow. Supplied in mixed glowing neon colours

  • Four glow shot glasses
  • The glowing shot glass is activated by a sharp tap to the bottom of the cup & will glow all night long
  • 1.5 oz. (approx 48ml) capacity.
  • Mixed Colours
  • Glow time: 8+ hours
  • (Tequila not supplied!)
  • Very good quality
  • 2 year shelf life guaranteed.

  1. To start the shot glass glowing, place the base of the cup over the activation button and push down firmly
  2. When you hear a crack, activation has occured
  3. Shake the shot cup to mix the liquids. Your cup will glow for 8+ hours!