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Glow Cups

4 Pack
£6.95 £5.79 Ex. VAT

The more you buy, the cheaper the unit price...

8 Pack
£5.98 per 4   £4.98 Ex.VAT
£11.95 £9.96 Ex. VAT

16 Pack
£4.99 per 4   £4.16 Ex.VAT
£19.97 £16.64 Ex. VAT

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The half pint or tumbler glow cups are the perfect glow party product & are of very good quality. The cups come in a mixture of glowing neon colours with the glow totally surrounding all of the glow cup

When you drink from the glow cups it appears that you are drinking the glow!

These glow in the dark cups really are a great party product. Once activated the whole cup glows as the neon liquid swirls around the cup

  • Fantastic glow cups
  • 12oz or half pint
  • 4 Mixed Neon Glow Colours (blue, pink, yellow and green)
  • The 'glow' travels freely around the entire cup
  • Glow time: 8 Hours approx
  • Glow Cups include 1 activator per 4 pack
  • We guarantee you will not be disappointed!
  • 2 year shelf life guaranteed

  1. To activate your glow cup, centralise the base of the cup over the peak of the activation button included and press down to firmly apply pressure.
  2. The glowstick in the base of the cup will crack releasing your glow.
  3. Simply shake to spread the fabulous glowing effect around your cup and enjoy for up to eight hours!

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