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Our Customer Comments...

A good website.
Jennifer 17th of November 2019
Easy.. (especially for a grandma!)
S L 16th of November 2019
Great quick service
Angela C 15th of November 2019
Always very good
Gillian H 15th of November 2019
Very good
Beverley S 14th of November 2019
excellent and speedy service. used you for a few years for our charity now. thanks
Elizabeth H 14th of November 2019
great site easy to order.
Debbie C 14th of November 2019
Sue P 13th of November 2019
Great service as always. Lovely to receive free gift but would be nice to opt out to save you sending to me and I don't use them!
Nicola M 13th of November 2019
Pleasure to use this site. Thank you
Helen B 12th of November 2019
Great range of products at good prices. And I appreciate the PTFA discount too!
Anneka C 10th of November 2019
Louisa M 9th of November 2019
Geraldine N 8th of November 2019
Good site. Clear
Daniel F 8th of November 2019
good clear website. Though it also helps to have the catalogue to compare prices regarding unit cost.
Marian G 8th of November 2019
Really clear and easy to use website. Very helpful having pictures of what the items look like turned off & videos of them turned on-little'un had seen a particular product while at an event being sold for an extortionate price which mummy said she could probably get elsewhere so was looking for something quite specific!
Carolyn O 6th of November 2019
Very helpful Thank you
Caroline C 6th of November 2019
Easy to use checking out and a great selection of items
Derek 5th of November 2019
Excellent website; good presentation coupled with ease of use.
Michelle K 5th of November 2019
Great choice and really fast delivery. Always chose Glowsticks, never let me down.
S C 5th of November 2019
Love the fact I can quickly just "reorder" brilliant
Sarah N 5th of November 2019
Brilliant easy to navigate website
Janine 4th of November 2019
Great - all very easy. Thanks!
Sophie D 4th of November 2019
quick and easy order
Paul O 4th of November 2019
Great cheap website when buying bulk items will shop again
Kirsten W 4th of November 2019
So far, quick and easy. If delivery goes as well, perfect
Joan C 3rd of November 2019
Brilliant. No probs
Alan H 2nd of November 2019
Really impressed with the rapid response to my query. Thank you very much.
Jackie 1st of November 2019
Fantastic Web Site. All the things I have ordered have been great, thank you.
Christine H 31st of October 2019
Help was very prompt when I emailed because I couldn't find exactly what I needed, thank you
Cathie W 31st of October 2019 Wholesale Catalogue Request