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Our Customer Comments...

Easy to negotiate and quick and easy to order from.
Graeme H 10th of June 2019
It was easy to order from and access my order history and also you were very prompt sending me a PTA code to use - thank you
Christine M 10th of June 2019
Very clear pages easy to order
Patricia B 10th of June 2019
Bought many items from this site over the years. They have always been excellent quality and always light up a party!
Dawn L 9th of June 2019
Very easy to find exactly what I wanted. Thank you!
Brenda B 7th of June 2019
Cool stuff! Gonna love my new hat!! :) x
Michelle P 6th of June 2019
Excellent 6 inch glow sticks.
Gillian L 3rd of June 2019
very quick, very easy.
Jane P 30th of May 2019
Colin W 29th of May 2019
very good . have used before
Ann L 27th of May 2019
I have used this site a few times over the years for my children's birthdays... My children are grown up so now it's my turn ! Off to a retro music festival and all i can say is i won't get lost so easy as i'll be flashing like mad :)
Patricia S 25th of May 2019
Christine L 23rd of May 2019
Always happy with these products - great service - thank you.
Karen A 21st of May 2019
The products look great and with a great range too - really hoping the windmill keeps my little boy entertained on his first flight.
Stephanie S 20th of May 2019
Mark C 16th of May 2019
Very easy to complete order
Jane L 14th of May 2019
Always easy to navigate and find what you need .great service.
Rhona I 13th of May 2019
Great website, really easy to navigate
Julia E 11th of May 2019
Your page is good nice n bright great items
Tracy C 10th of May 2019
Great website!
Pb J 8th of May 2019
Looking forward to my items arriving. Easy site to use.
Christy D 7th of May 2019
very slick and easy to use.
Dave B 5th of May 2019
I have used this company many times & have always been really happy with the fast efficient service. I have often recommended them to my family & friends
Sheila U 30th of April 2019
Quick and easy to find what I was looking for. Thanks
Tim S 30th of April 2019
I like the website! Easy to use and very clear!
Nicola M 30th of April 2019
Brilliant cheers
Euan N 30th of April 2019
FANTASTIC Have my sons wedding in June but we have 4 events as it is turning into a big fat indian wedding. i want to make incorporate the east meets west and add fun into the mix
Rajbinder B 27th of April 2019
Very quick delivery on last order.
Jean A 18th of April 2019
Great website!!took me just a few min from start to finish
Florinda T 18th of April 2019
Marion H 13th of April 2019

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