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Flashing Dinosaur Sword

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Jurassic Park meets Star Wars with this amazing strobing dinosaur laser sword! Read more...

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Lit by colour change LEDs that flash and strobe through five cool functions, this mesmerising laser sword features the head of a carnivorous dinosaur! The mouth of the dino displays large pointy teeth and colourful LEDs shine through the mouth when the sword is activated for super fearsome effects! With 44cm of illumination, this impressive dino laser sword is guaranteed to impress!

  • Flashing dinosaur sword
  • Large dinosaur head tops the handle with colourful light shining from the mouth
  • 5 cool modes; flashing colour change, strobing multi colour, strobing RGB colour change, white strobe, static white
  • Length off illumination: 44cm
  • Total length of sword: 70cm
  • 3 x Replaceable AA batteries included