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Uv Blacklight Bulb

Uv Blacklight Bulb
Uv Blacklight Bulb 1 Uv Blacklight Bulb 2 Uv Blacklight Bulb 3

Shed some blacklight on your scene with an easy to use blacklight bulb - fits into regular bayonet fittings in lamps and light fixtures and blasts your room with blacklight / UV light. Use it to highlight fluorescent & UV reactive items as well as super-charge glow in the dark products! Read more...

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Simplicity itself, this black light bulb sits neatly into pretty much any bayonet style light fitting in lamps or light fixtures and gives off a constant stream of UV light, which is perfect for super-charging glow in the dark products and highlighting anything with fluorescent colours.

This bulb is actually a fluorescent tube formed into the shape of a light bulb, much like modern 'Energy Saving' light bulbs. In fact, the black light bulb only uses 11 watts itself and will last for years and years.

Ideal for people wanting to play with black light without having to change batteries or mount any new light-fixtures to the wall. Just replace a standard light bulb with this one and enjoy hours of UV fun.

  • UV / Black Light bulb
  • 240 volts / 11 Watts
  • Bayonet fitting fits most lamp fittings
  • Super-charge glow in the dark products
  • Highlight fluorescent colours
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life UV light
  • UV wavelength: 365nm