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Flashing Baton Or Wand

Flashing Baton Or Wand
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Super bright and packed with multi coloured LEDs, the light up baton or wand has incredible colour chase effects that shine along the length of this holographic light stick! Very good quality and VERY POPULAR! Read more...

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Whether you wave this impressive 39.5cm long light stick as a baton or a wand, the results are the same; a mesmerising colour chasing light show! Packed with multi function, colourful LEDs, the length of this fantastic wand has a holographic outer that helps to project the light in a unique and enchanting way through multiple functions to make a very impressive light up baton that's perfect for parties, sensory use and even exercise classes!

  • Flashing wand or baton
  • Multi function and colour changing
  • Soft plastic holographic casing
  • Approx length: 39.5cm
  • 3 x AG13 batteries loaded - no messing with batteries!
  • UK certified
  • Suitable for ages 3yrs +