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Flashing Hats

Flashing Viking Helmets - a gold helmet with colourful red and blue flashing up horns.
Viking Helmet
As low as £2.75 each
With flashing tentacles and eyes, the Flashing Squid Hat is a funky and unique accessory that will make for some seriously fun fancy dress.
Flashing Squid Hat
As low as £3.00 each
Be the fool at any party with this wacky looking jester hat, watch the baubles glow red when switched on and the bells jingle as you show others your crazy hat!
Flashing Jester Hat
As low as £3.23 each

This looks great - an inflatable, colour changing cowboy/cowgirl hat with bright LEDs
Flashing Inflatable Cowboy Hat
Free Inflatable Pump With Every 48 Hats
Flashing Inflatable Cowboy Hat
As low as £1.79 each
It's time to whip out the festive light up Santa Hats!! Adorned with bright red stars around the head band, perfect to raise your Christmas spirits!
Flashing Santa Hat
As low as £1.14 each
Dress up and spread Christmas cheer in this incredibly cute Light Up Springy Santa Hat! A fun bouncy hat that dances when you do, it flashes too!
Light Up Springy Santa Hat
As low as £1.91 each

Furry pink cowboy hats are great for cowgirls to wear at a hens night out. Accessorise your night out with your friends with these fantastic hats which flash with blue and red lights in the shape of a heart.
Flashing Pink Cowboy Hat
As low as £3.26 each
Add a little style to your outfit with the Light Up Fedora Hat. Perfect for fancy dress, parties and as a performance prop or for getting noticed in a crowd!
Light Up Fedora Hat Light Up Fedora Hat
As low as £3.18 each
Allo allo! These fantastic Flashing Police Helmets feature their very own flashing blue light so that you stand out from the crowd!
Flashing Police Helmet Flashing Police Helmet
As low as £3.30 each