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Magic-Glo Balloons

Available in three cool colours, Magic-Glo Light Up Balloons add instant atmosphere to your party! Read more...

Magic-Glo Balloons - Red
£1.50 £1.25 Ex. VAT

Magic-Glo Balloons - Pink
£1.50 £1.25 Ex. VAT



Combine fairy lights with party balloons for the ultimate party atmosphere! Available in three cool colours, Magic-Glo Balloons each contain a super bright LED that stays lit for at least fifteen hours! Pull the tab to activate the super bright LED and inflate up to 12" for fun party effects. Available in a three pack of each colour; pink, red or yellow, these LED balloons bring the atmosphere whatever you're celebrating!

Please note that Magic-Glo Balloons should be filled with air only, they are NOT suitable for use with helium.

  • Magic-Glo light up balloons
  • Each balloon contains a single super bright LED
  • Contains 3 balloons
  • Available in pink, yellow or red
  • Stay for lit for at least 15 hours!
  • Extra large, inflate up to 12"
  • Made from natural latex rubber
  • Fill with air. NOT suitable for use with helium