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Glow in the Dark False Nails

Under UV Light
Under UV Light
Under UV Light

Go all out and accessorise your look with the wildest nails around as these pink press on nails glow in the dark! Read more...

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Accessorise your party look with stand out glow in the dark false nails. A twelve pack of press on false nails in various sizes to suit all nails, each nail comes with a unique mandala design on a vibrant neon pink background. Ideal for temporary glowing looks, these press on nails are ideal for parties, nights out and more giving you lengthy looks and the ultimate glamour! For best effects, allow the nails to charge in the light for up to 30 minutes prior to use and then view in pitch black conditions for a super glow!

  • Glow in the dark false nails
  • 12 pack of false nails
  • Various sizes to fit all nails
  • Neon pink
  • Black mandala designs
  • Temporary effects
  • Expose to light to charge and enjoy best glow in the dark effects in pitch black conditions