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Glow Sticks 1.5" Wholesale

These little glowsticks are used for all manner of applications - fishing, decoration, displays & clubbing. 1.5" light sticks can be used for your glow party! High quality - cheap on price not cheap glowsticks ! Buy glowsticks online.

200 Pack
£45.60£38.00 Ex. VAT

300 Pack
£68.40£57.00 Ex. VAT

500 Pack
£102.00£85.00 Ex. VAT

1000 Pack
£180.00£150.00 Ex. VAT

2000 Pack
£360.00£300.00 Ex. VAT

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1.5" Glowsticks
Good quality 1.5" glowsticks in a mixture of colours
Supplied 2 per pack
Includes optional attachment (suitable for fishing etc)
Glowing: Light sticks will glow for 6+ hours
Not suitable for children