Wholesale Glow Bunny Ears
Wholesale Glow Bunny Ears 1
Wholesale Glow Bunny Ears 2
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Wholesale Glow Bunny Ears

30 Pack
£4.99 per 5   £4.16 Ex.VAT
£29.95 £24.96 Ex. VAT

60 Pack
£4.26 per 5   £3.55 Ex.VAT
£51.12 £42.60 Ex. VAT

120 Pack
£3.96 per 5   £3.30 Ex.VAT
£95.04 £79.20 Ex. VAT

240 Pack
£3.60 per 5   £3.00 Ex.VAT
£172.80 £144.00 Ex. VAT

480 Pack
£3.48 per 5   £2.90 Ex.VAT
£334.08 £278.40 Ex. VAT

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Have fun with these Glow Bunny Ears. Glow Bunny ears are a headband with glow sticks attached. Packed in 5's

Cute hands free glow and lots of fun, these glowstick bunny ears are perfect for party goers not matter what your age! Each pack contains 5 flexible plastic headbands and three eight inch glowsticks for each headband. Easy to assemble, place the glowsticks in the fixtures on the band and you have a cute pair of bunny ears that will glow for up to eight hours!

  • Glow Bunny Ears
  • Packaged in packs of 5
  • Glowing: glow bunny ears will glow for 6+ hours
  • Available in mixed colour packs of blue, pink, green and yellow
  • 2 year shelf life guaranteed.

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