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Double Sabre Sword Wholesale

Double Sabre Sword Wholesale
Double Sabre Sword Wholesale 1 Double Sabre Sword Wholesale 2 Double Sabre Sword Wholesale 3
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Wholesale double lightsabre swords, double light up blades with extending light effects and motion activated sounds! Read more...

36 Pack
£163.73 £136.44 Ex. VAT

72 Pack
£315.36 £262.80 Ex. VAT

96 Pack
£397.44 £331.20 Ex. VAT

144 Pack
£561.60 £468.00 Ex. VAT

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Fantastic NEW Double Sabre Sword! This product has two long illuminated and animated beams of light - the beams extend and retract as you turn on/off also with motion activated sounds! Very impressive these double light sabre swords are huge - nearly 1 metre in length!

  • Double Blue Sabre Sword
  • Extending and retracting animated light effects
  • Motion activated sound effects
  • 96cm (37 inches) long!
  • 3 x AA batteries included and fitted (replaceable)
  • Suitable for ages 3yrs +