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Double Sabre Sword Wholesale

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36 Pack
£3.35 each   £2.79 Ex.VAT
£120.53 £100.44 Ex. VAT

72 Pack
£2.99 each   £2.49 Ex.VAT
£215.14 £179.28 Ex. VAT

96 Pack
£2.70 each   £2.25 Ex.VAT
£259.20 £216.00 Ex. VAT

144 Pack
£2.64 each   £2.20 Ex.VAT
£380.16 £316.80 Ex. VAT

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Wholesale double lightsabre swords, double light up blades with extending light effects and motion activated sounds!

Fantastic NEW Double Sabre Sword! This product has two long illuminated and animated beams of light - the beams extend and retract as you turn on/off also with on/off sounds! Very impressive these double light sabre swords are huge - nearly 1 metre in length!

  • Double Blue Sabre Sword
  • Extending and retracting animated light effects
  • On/off sound effects
  • 96cm (37 inches) long!
  • 3 x AA batteries included and fitted (replaceable)
  • Suitable for ages 3yrs +

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