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UV Hair Chalk

Update your look with hot neon highlights that fluoresce under UV blacklight.... Read more...

UV Hair Chalk - Green(HM1R02)
£3.49 £2.91 Ex. VAT

UV Hair Chalk - Red(HM1R06)
£3.49 £2.91 Ex. VAT

UV Hair Chalk - Yellow(HM1R01)
£3.49 £2.91 Ex. VAT



Highlight your hair with streaks of neon colour that fluoresces under UV blacklight! UV reactive hair chalk is a talc based hair colour that coats your hair in vibrant colour. Simply smooth on with the sponge applicator included, set with hairspray and enjoy hot neon colour in our hair that glows in UV party lighting!

  • UV reactive hair chalk
  • Temporary colour; washes out with your normal shampoo
  • Choose from hot neon pink, orange, green, yellow or blue
  • UV reactive; fluoresces under UV blacklight
  • Easy to apply
  • Set with hairspray