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Neon Face & Body Paint

Neon Face & Body Paint
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UV Neon Face & Body Paint in an assortment of colours to add some colourful flourescent glow to your face & body whenever you're under UV light or blacklight! Read more...

1 Unit
£1.99 £1.66 Ex. VAT

Neon Glow Face/Body Paint - Red
£1.99 £1.66 Ex. VAT

Neon Glow Face/Body Paint - Purple SOLD OUT
£1.99 £1.66 Ex. VAT

Neon Glow Face/Body Paint - White SOLD OUT
£1.99 £1.66 Ex. VAT


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UV Neon Face & Body Paint supplied in 10ml tubes with a choice of colours. Easy to apply and glows brightly under ultra violet light (UV or blacklight). Each tube will cover approximately two full faces.

You don't need to be an artist to get stunning results - let this special effects paint do the work!

*** The photos above were taken by us using our own Neon Face & Body Paint ***


** IMPORTANT - We recommend that you patch test this product on a small area of skin 24 hours before general use to ensure you do not suffer from allergic reaction. See here for more information.

Please apply with care. UV Face & Body Paint may stain fabrics or clothing.

Product Removal - As the product is water based we recommend this product is removed with soap and water or regular makeup remover

This paint is a special effects paint and not a cosmetic

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