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Screaming Skull Straw

Use Screaming Skull Straws at your Halloween party and watch as your guests jump in fright when it releases its blood curdling scream! Brilliant! Read more...

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Kids love a twisty winding drinks straw, but a straw with sound effects? Fantastic! The Screaming Skull Straw is ideal for Halloween parties as it lets out a horrifying scream as you drink!

All you need to do is drink through the straw and it'll activate the skull head to light up and release its blood curdling scream!

The Screaming Skull Straw works really well with fizzy drinks, milk and juices, but may not work as well with some bottled waters.

  • Unique drinking straw with light-up screaming skull.
  • Activate by drinking your favourite beverage.
  • Screaming Skull Straw works well with fizzy drinks, milk and juices.
  • May not work well with bottled water.
  • Reusable drinks straw
  • Ideal for Halloween.
  • Size: 26cm in length.