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Light Up Frisbee Wholesale

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Play frisbee at night!
Without doubt the best time to play - you will love it!
Fantastic multicoloured frisbee!

6 Pack
£39.96£33.30 Ex. VAT

12 Pack
£69.98£58.32 Ex. VAT

24 Pack
£108.00£90.00 Ex. VAT

48 Pack
£192.96£160.80 Ex. VAT

96 Pack
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192 Pack
£633.60£528.00 Ex. VAT

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If you have never played frisbee at night you are really missing out. This LED glow frisbee runs for 30 hours on 1 set of batteries, is competition size & weight, floats, very durable and is the best glow frisbee we have seen.

An absolutely fantastic product that will give you lots of fun

  • Colour changing frisbee
  • 30 hour battery life
  • Batteries included (2 x CR2016)
  • Durable
  • Floats
  • Water resistant
  • 25cm diam 130g
  • Competition ultimate frisbee
  • Very bright
  • Loads of fun!
  • Suitable for ages 3yrs +

We guarantee you will love this! The must have summer product.