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Glow Straws

Glow Straws (6 pack)
Glow Straws (6 pack) 1

These cool Glow Straws will certainly make your drink GLOW. The glowstick inside the straw goes up and down as you sip your drink. A great glow product. Read more...

6 Pack
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12 Pack
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24 Pack
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48 Pack
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Add a little glow to any drink with these fabulous Glow Straws. The 'glow' travels up and down as you sip your drink. They double up well as cocktail stirrers and add a little bit of colour and fun to any event or party.

They are supplied in boxes of six - if you want large quantities we offer them bulk packaged

  • Funky Glow straws or cocktail stirrers
  • Mixed colours
  • The glow travels up as you suck & goes down when you stop
  • Glowing: Glow Straws will glow for 8+ hours
  • Supplied in retail box of 6 (suitable gift!)
  • Made from food grade plastic and are hygenically manufactured/packaged
  • Size: 23cm long x 8mm diameter
  • Glow Straws are suitable for ages 12+
  • Product should not be chewed.
  • 2 year shelf life guaranteed.