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Glow Skeleton Balloons (5 Pack)

Decorative and fun, these Glow Skeleton Balloons are perfect for Halloween! Turn out the lights and see the dancing skeletons glow! Read more...

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Spooky skeletons dance around these clear latex balloons for fun atmospheric Halloween decorations; what's more these groovy skeletons glow in the dark! A pack of five, the Glow Skeleton Balloons are designed for use with helium or air and are perfect for decorating Halloween parties.

  • Pack of 5 glow in the dark balloons
  • Spooky skeleton design
  • 11" diameter when inflated
  • Ideal for use with helium or air
  • 100% natural latex
  • More effective under UV or black light

Charging your glow
The length and strength of the glow from your glow skeleton balloons depends upon a number of variables such as the type of light used, the intensity of the light, the distance of the light source from the balloon and the presence of ambient light.

Typical charge times:

  • Outdoors/ natural sunlight: 1 minute
  • Incandescent and fluorescent light (white and black light): 5 to 10 mins
  • Camera flash (close to balloons): Instantly

The glow will appear stronger in a dark room once your eyes have adjusted to the darkness and will be directly affected by the amount of ambient light in the room, the less ambient light, the stronger the glow.

For best effects expose your glow skeletons balloons to the brightest UV light source available; in the absence of a UV blacklight, natural sunlight works best. UV blacklight will achieve best and continuous effects for a brighter glow.