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FX Spex Standard

FX Spex Standard (10 Pack)
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Discover an incredible world of explosive colour every time you wear the amazing FX Spex! These funky holographic glasses make you see colourful rainbows whenever you look at a light source! Fabulous for parties! Read more...

10 Pack
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20 Pack
£9.50 £7.92 Ex. VAT

50 Pack
£23.52 £19.60 Ex. VAT

100 Pack
£45.00 £37.50 Ex. VAT

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See your world explode into a landscape of colourful light in these incredible FX Spex! Amazing fireworks effects leap into view whenever you look at a bright light source in these cool holographic specs making everyday items such as lighting, fires, fireworks and glowsticks, look out of this world! They also make your flashing novelties look incredible!

Everyone will love the amazing laser like effects that you see every time you put these fantastic FX Spex on! Simply pop them on and be transported to a magical world of colour!

  • Holographic FX Spex
  • Make the most of your glowsticks and flashing novelties
  • Unfolded length: 40cm
  • Folded length: 15cm
  • 3.5cm high