30cm Coloured Mirror Ball
30cm Coloured Mirror Ball 1
30cm Coloured Mirror Ball 2 Red
30cm Coloured Mirror Ball 3 Green
30cm Coloured Mirror Ball 4 Blue

30cm Coloured Mirror Ball

£34.99 £29.16 Ex. VAT

£34.99 £29.16 Ex. VAT

£34.99 £29.16 Ex. VAT

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In stock and ready to dispatch...
In stock and ready to dispatch...
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A much loved classic reimagined in colour, these 30cm mirror balls add glam disco vibes and captivating colour to your party!

Classic mirror balls with a colourful twist, create a groovy dancefloor with dazzling reflections of light! Perfect for parties, events, special effects, and even window displays, these fabulous glitter balls take disco glamour to the next level with captivating colour! Choose from red, green or blue, and these 30cm (12") diameter disco balls will ramp up the disco party feels, and can be used with a for constant motion and a pin spot light to reflect of the mirrored facets for dazzling light effects.

  • 30cm coloured mirror balls
  • Choose from red, green or blue
  • Manufactured from lightweight material
  • Covered with coloured polished mirror glass facets (10mm x 10mm)
  • Ideal for use in the entertainment and retail industries
  • Perfect for use in window displays
  • Core material: Plastic
  • Weight: 1.45kg
  • Suitable for use with a battery operated mirror ball motor

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