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Glow Novelties

Glow sticks are great but here we have glow in the dark spectacles, earrings, bunny ears, badges, straws and glow cups - great for a glow party or any event.

The half pint or tumbler glow cups are the perfect glow party product & are of very good quality. The cups come in a mixture of glowing neon colours with the glow totally surrounding all of the glow cup
Glow Cups
As low as £1.10 each
Super bright and super fun, Glow Hoop Earrings are available in packs of green, blue, yellow and pink for the ultimate party look!
Glow Hoop Earrings
As low as £0.46 each
Wow! Love your look! Glowstick Heart Eyeglasses give you the ultimate loved up party look and glow for up to eight hours!
Glow Heart Eyeglasses
As low as £0.70 each

Neon glowing bunny ears will surely get you noticed and will brighten up any party or outing. Our (cheap!) glow bunny ears will comfortably fit any size – so no matter what your age it’s time to party!
Glow Bunny Ears
As low as £0.54 each
Glow Martini glass. A substantial & good quality Martini shaped glowing cup where the glow moves freely throughout the cup. Great for drinks and also perfect for desserts.
Glow Martini Cup
As low as £1.40 each
Glow in the dark glasses are a party favourite and guaranteed to bring fun to any party. Glowing bright neon colours glow glasses demand attention, add a carnival feel and, even better they are cheap!
Glow Glasses
As low as £0.54 each

These cool Glow Straws will certainly make your drink GLOW. The glowstick inside the straw goes up and down as you sip your drink. A great glow product.
Glow Straws
As low as £0.33 each
Clip on Glow Earrings are a great party product. Supplied in a mixture of neon colours. Get your ears glowing!
Glow Earrings
As low as £0.46 each
The glow shot glasses are a great glow party cup & are of very good quality. The whole cup glows and when you drink from the shot cup it appears that you are drinking the glow!
Glow Shot Glasses
As low as £1.00 each

Glow in the dark Woofer Horns are just the thing for cheering on your team or just making some noise! Each glowing wooferhorn glows brightly after a brief charge in the light or under UV light or blacklight
Glow Woofer Horn
As low as £1.43 each
Make fun and funky glowing badges with this fun and crafty kit.
Glow Badges Kit Glow Badges Kit
Free Sharpie marker with every pack of Glow Badges
Glow Badges Kit
As low as £0.50 each