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Flashing Wands & Torches

Flashing wands, swords & batons from the fairy like Star Wand to the super bright Laser Sword and our new bright & colourful Space Sword. We have a huge range of flashing wands and light up torches

Spinning colour-changing fun! This Rainbow Windmill features bright coloured LED lights along the length of each of its three soft foam arms which create absolutely stunning light effects. Mounted on a sturdy handle its one of the best flashing novelties we offer..
Rainbow Windmill
As low as £2.46 each
Large flexible Rainbow Foam Batons with mutli-coloured lights & NOW WITH MULTI-FUNCTIONS. Soft safe and flexible. These Foam sticks are great fun...
Rainbow Foam Stick
As low as £1.07 each
New! Ice Fibre Optic Torch. See through design and LED's throughout with 7 settings from colour changing and colour seperation. Great colours and great product. Very popular flashing novelties...
Fibre Optic Torch
As low as £1.36 each

A crystal styled pink Flashing Fairy Wand that flashes with colourful light through three cool modes for magical effects that will simply captivate.
Flashing Fairy Wand
As low as £2.46 each
This light up Pirate Baton is packed with bright colourful lights and perfect for pirate themed parties and dress-up fun
Flashing Pirate Baton
As low as £2.39 each
Light up double windmill rainbow spinner creates two stunning spinning wheels of light with brilliant colour changing patterns.A Double Rainbow Windmill!
Double Rainbow Spinner
As low as £2.82 each

Dazzling mini disco balls project stunning flashing disco lighting effects at the push of a button! Three flashing modes packed into a tiny light up necklace toy.
Disco Ball
As low as £1.38 each
Project colourful light disco style from either end of the super funky Double Disco Stick! Like a party in your hands, light dances from the groovy crystal disco balls.
Double Disco Stick
As low as £1.74 each
The Battery Glow Stick has six flashing modes and necklace cord, making this a highly versatile LED light stick.
Rainbow Wand
As low as £1.07 each

Illuminate your way with magical light from the enchanted Mystical Lantern. Full of charm and mystery, who knows what causes the twinkling light?
Mystical Lantern
As low as £2.39 each
Bright & multicoloured the light up wand or baton has 3 settings. 39.5cm long with a holographic white, sturdy yet soft cover that all lights up when switched on. Very good quality &. VERY POPULAR
Flashing Baton Or Wand
As low as £1.31 each
This is a great new baton with some fantastic new effects that you will not have experienced.
Flashing Pulse Baton
As low as £2.46 each

A very bright light up star wand that is a bit of a classic. Bright LED lights (with 4 settings) in the star & the stick handle make it a simple yet highly visual novelty wand.
Flashing Star Wand
As low as £1.91 each
A large 53cm long flashing star wand lit by super bright multi coloured LED's!
Large Flashing Star Wand Large Flashing Star Wand
As low as £2.82 each
The Mini Spinner Necklace bright spinning patterns of light. Small enough to be worn around the neck and bright enough to make a big impression. Very popular...
Mini Spinner Mini Spinner
As low as £1.79 each

A colourful flashing wand that comes apart so that you can blow fabulous bubbles! The Light Up Bubble Wand is fantastic fun that's kid's will love!
Light Up Bubble Wand Light Up Bubble Wand
As low as £1.66 each
The Flashing Fluffy Wand or baton is covered in feathery fluffy pink fluff & tinsel full of pink LED lights - it will tickle you pink!
Fluffy Pink Wand Fluffy Pink Wand
As low as £1.55 each
Light up butterfly wand featuring bright and colourful LED lights, a glowing butterfly shape on a light up handle!
Flashing Butterfly Wand Flashing Butterfly Wand
As low as £1.50 each