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Disco Lighting

Disco lighting that's great for home or mobile disco. Mirror balls to Sound Reactive Disco Lights, and funky lighting effects, you'll find it all...

Add some spooky fog effects on stage or make those disco dance floor lights more visible with this Professional Smoke Machine!
High Quality Smoke Fluid 5ltr
At last, a colour party light that can be used outdoors too and has a funky UV light function!
PD5H Outdoor Par (UV Option) (154.322)
Mirrorball Motor (Battery Powered) 153.106
Mirrorball Motor (Battery Powered) 153.106

Project instant party atmosphere onto your dancefloor with bright and funky patterns of light! The LED Twister III is compact and lightweight and so easy to transport and creates powerful light effects!
LED Twister III
Create a magical party atmosphere on your dance floor with wonderful bubbles! The QTFX Bubble Machine releases hundreds of bubbles for a spectacular show.
Bubble Machine QTFX B2
Create a classic multi coloured derby effect on your dancefloor with sharp multi coloured beams of light and even a strobe effect with this dynamic disco light.
LED Derby Light

Use the fabulously groovy Rotating Disco Ball in your home for dazzling, colourful lighting effects!
Rotating Disco Ball
Create funky colourful light effects that react to the beat of your music! Sound Reactive Disco Lights create dazzling colour effects!
Sound Reactive Disco Lights
Get an instant party atmosphere with a funky LED Fireball Party Light. Easily mountable and with a wide range it's all you need for fabulous party lighting.
LED Fireball Party Light

Portable strobe lighting that means that you can take the super flashing effects with you anywhere!
Strobe Light
Create a fabulous disco feel on your dancefloor using the super funky Glitter Ball or Mirror Ball...don't hit the dancefloor without one!
Disco Mirror Ball
Rock your party with fabulous colour and retro disco lighting from the Disco Light Set. Perfect for smaller venues and home parties, this disco lighting is guaranteed to get your dance floor moving!
Disco Light Sets

EL Glow Wire is a fabulously versatile portable wire light source that's uses are only limited by your imagination. Simple and effective use EL Glow Wire to add a little glow!
El Wire Glow Wire
As low as £13.46 each
Flood your party with magical bubbles from the lightweight and portable Mega Bubble Machine QTFX B3. Ideal for mobile DJ's and home parties, this portable bubble machine has a very high bubble output.
Mega Bubble Machine QTFX B3
Super cool disco light effects project from the Mirror Ball on LED Base for a very funky party atmosphere.
Mirror Ball on LED Base

An unusual and very funky disco lighting fixture, the Colour Change Mirror Ball Pendant changes colour for spectacular effects.
Colour Change Mirror Ball Pendant
Hang your Mirrorball from your Mirrorball Motor and enjoy the super funky dazzling effects as light dances off the mirrors as it rotates.
Mirrorball Motor
Flood your dance floor with magical bubbles using the Double Bubble Machine! A high output twin fan machine fills large venues for fabulous party effects!
Double Bubble Machine QTFX B4

Incredibly bright and versatile, LED Rope Lights are energy efficient and reliable as they're made up up of 360 long life LED bulbs and can be used virtually anywhere!
Led Rope Light Led Rope Light
No dance floor is complete without mysterious smoke that enhances lighting effects. Make your dance floor extra groovy with a Professional Smoke Machine.
Professional Grade Smoke Machine (160.461)
Focus on your stage or dance floor with bright colour change light with the easy to install Spotlight and Colour Wheel. Perfect for special effects!
Spotlight and Colour Wheel

Add a little bubble fun to your party, better still, why not get them to glow under UV and blacklight? Fantastic fun!
UV Bubble Machine Fluid - 1L
Bubbles capture the imagination of everyone, both young and old. UV bubbles give a funky, fun twist to your party, as this bubble fluid glows under UV and blacklight!
UV Bubble Machine Fluid - 5L